Falcon Properties LLC is a Seattle multi-family portfolio company and property management company that specialize in buying, redesigning, and renting of condominium quality apartment homes. Its three founders invested a great deal of effort and capital to grow the company throughout the years.

From the very beginning, the founders had a motto in mind: “Bring comfort and style to living.” The logo for Falcon Properties LLC is a falcon guarding the acquired properties. The meaning of the Falcon comes from the last name of the owners. Sokol is translated as a falcon. To insure the stability of the cash flows, the company will constantly consult with the ever-changing market trends. As the tastes and preferences of consumers change, the company’s emphasis is on constant innovation.


Design Features

Design is a key differentiation strategy of the company. Each quarter, Falcon Properties LLC will offer standard designs that correspond to the style, interior detail, and exterior siding. The desired Kirkland location – Sea Gull Apartments will offer competitive advantage – priced apartment homes to the big apartment landlords such as Weiner, Avalon, and Essex. In addition, the company will improve the energy efficiency of the older buildings in Sea Gull Apartments. The custom design offerings will increase rents and value of the Sea Gull Apartments.


Quality Standards

Falcon Properties LLC is committed to marketing and renting high quality urban dwelling apartment units. Since the technology-breakthroughs help reduce the prices of composite materials, such as composite siding, glass, and cedar, Falcon Properties LLC is able to offer a greater living experience in a prime Kirkland location.




With solid experience gained from being an active broker, investor, and property manager in the Puget Sound real estate market since 2011, Alexey Sokolov brings together expertise in several areas of the real estate industry, including property management, brokerage, and development.

In addition to co-founding Falcon Properties LLC in 2011, Alexey is also the founding principal of Hayabusa Development LLC.

Alexey is a graduate of University of Washington and a longtime resident of Seattle. Outside of work, Alexey’s active life includes welding and carpentry. In addition to spending time with his family gardening, hiking, skiing and road biking.


Alexey truly believes “The best investment on Earth is Earth”.